Sacramento Powered Paragliding

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Lagoon Valley

Lagoon Valley Park, located just west of Vacaville, provides a multitude of outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, mountain biking, disc golf, archery, rc flying and paragliding. It is located on Pena Adobe Road just east of Interstate 80. There is a $3 day use parking fee. No overnight camping is allowed.

Lagoon Valley makes a great free flight site. With the right conditions, you can soar the ridge. We haven't got permission to fly our Powered Paragliders at the park but have flown there many times and as long as we continue to respect other park goers, we shouldn't have a problem.

Best wind direction for Free Flight: (W - SW) 10-15 mph. 

Things to consider:

1. Launch and land in the large field next to the archery range when flying a paramotor. 

2. Don't fly over people. Abide by FAR 103 rules.

3. Don't fly over the rc field, archery range, or horse trailer area.

3. Don't fly close to the PRISON behind the ridge. Stay out of Travis Airspace. 

4. Avoid flying in the same area. Fly up and out of the park. 

5. Avoid any confrontation with anyone telling you that you can't fly there.

6. Avoid kiting when horse back riders are passing by.

7. Fly safe.