Sacramento Powered Paragliding

Experience the dream of flight powered paragliding in Northern California

Foot Launch

Foot Launch Tandem  =   $175.00

Experience a 15 - 30 minute flight with a qualified instructor. Our Foot Launch Tandem allows us to fly passengers up to 220lbs from ground zero to explore new heights & longer flight time in an open cockpit. If the instructor permits, the passenger maybe given the controls to get a feel for flight. Whether you want to give the gift of flight or just mark off your bucket list, this would be a flight to remember. If you decide to pursue training, we'll deduct your payment from training.  


Foot Launch Training  =   $1,600.00

We encourage training before deciding what gear is right for you. We will train you on our own equipment until you are ready to purchase your own. If you decide to purchase a motor package from us after the course within 30 days, we'll deduct $300 off training. If you already purchase a gear, we will inspect it, test fly, and get you comfortable on your own equipment. Foot Launch Training is 7 full days and can be broken into segments to accommodate those who can't schedule the entire week. See Paramotor Training Details below.

Our goal is to get you flying safe and comfortable taking it step by step at the same time having fun!

Paramotor Transition =   $600.00

Experienced Free Flight Pilots who are P2 rated or above wanting to learn to fly powered can take a 3 day transitional course. As a Powered Paraglider Pilot, you can now enjoy more flight time when the winds don't permit for Free Flying. No more driving to mountain sites and hiking up high hills just to wait for the right conditions. Add another skill set and open the doors to explore new places.



Paramotor Training Details

The goal of a beginner training course is to provide the student with the skills and knowledge base to set up the equipment, properly control the paraglider on the ground, launch, land, and to reach the goal of flying without the instructor's assistance in  a few days. An average student usually takes their first solo flight in 2 - 3 days and usually comfortably flying after their 10th flight. Beginner training courses last 7 full days and can be broken up into segments to accommodate those who can't stay the entire week. The following are just a few things covered in the training course.

  • Review of Equipment - Through understanding of the equipment and how it works​.
  • Mastering the Paraglider - Ground handling fundamentals glider inflation and break control.
  • Launching Techniques - Forward launch techniques for low-wind conditions and reverse launch for higher wind conditions.
  • Scooter towing - Towing up to 20 feet practicing taxing, launching and landing to build confidence. Assessing clearance, ground conditions and safe landing options.​
  • Paramotor Simulator Training - Introduction to motor using simulator ground training with and without power.
  • Pre-Flight Checks - Learn how to conduct a paramotor and gear pre-flight safety check.
  • Radio Instructed Guided Flights - You will conduct countless radio assisted instructional flights during your training, they will range from multiple touch and go flights, shorter 20 min flights and possibly some spectacular cross-country flight.
  • Emergency procedures - Emergency procedures overview theory, outcomes and prevention.
  • Classroom Theory - Some of the topics covered in the extensive classroom theory include airspace rules and regulations, drag and thrust, torque effects, principals of flight, meteorology and navigation.
  • USPPA Certification - Once you completed the requirements for certification, a PPG rating will be admistered. See Rating Requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR BEGINNER COURSE ATTENDEES: Flight cannot be guaranteed by ANY Paramotor School or Training Program - For example: a college can't guarantee that someone will earn their degree if enrolled in the school. It's extremely rare, however, uncontrollable factors like weather or even a student's personal ability to learn could cause a student to not finish the program within the set number of Paramotor Training days. Should this happen, we will address the situation on an individual basis, however, if our Instructors feel that a student is not ready to fly, the Instructor will have the absolute final say.  There are NO REFUNDS FOR PARAMOTOR TRAINING. If uncontrollable circumstances are presented, the student may re-schedule a time to complete the remainder of the program in the future.

Rules and Policies

  • There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for all lessons, including tandem. Canceling with less than 48 hrs before the start date is considered a No Show.
  • No Shows: Failure to show up for a lesson or canceling with less than 48 hrs before the start date forfeits the lesson fees. (For students in the unlimited refresher programs, the charge is $75.00 for no-shows).

  • The PPG 1 Rating has a 6 month limit. All other lessons have an unlimited expiration unless stipulated otherwise.

  • A lesson or tandem purchases that have not been started or used can be transferred to another party.

  • Refunds are not available for Paramotor training or weather cancellations. Lessons or tandem lessons canceled due to weather are re-scheduled as many times as necessary until success is achieved.